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Hi. I’m Christine Uhebe. I’m an actress working and living in West Hollywood.

Christine Helena Uhebe was born in Juiz de Fora, Minas Gerais, Brazil to Dalto (Villela Eiras) who was a military lawyer and Helena (Uhebe), who worked in real estate, the stock market and is passionate about horse breeding. Christine has three other sisters: Danielle Marie, Anne Caroline and Ingrid Alexandra. She has Italian, as well as Spanish, Portuguese and Lebanese ancestry.

Before becoming an actress, Christine was involved in horse back riding and divided her time between preparing for competitions -  both national and international - and studying law. 

She fell in love with acting when - on a whim - she decided to audit a class by Giuseppe Ferlito at the Scuola di Cinema Immagina in Florence, Italy. She graduated from their program 4 years later.

In Italy, she starred in Cattedrale (film finalist at Capri Art Film Festival and Taormina Film Festival 2011), amongst other films. 

Looking for new depths in her acting, Christine moved - once again - to Los Angeles to study at the esteemed Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, where she graduated from the full-time conservatory program… twice.

Since then, she has starred in many independent, short, and feature films, was nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" in 2013 at The London International Film Festival and had her theatre debut in Beverly Hills in 2014 leading the World Premiere of Affluence. 

Christine has recently been on set with legendary director Francis Ford Coppola in his latest project “Distant Vision,” and had her Amazon Prime debut playing Agatha Goodwin in the horror film “Reel Nightmare.”

Her current “day job” involves dubbing telenovelas from South America into Portuguese.

Christine is a member of Theatre 40 in Beverly Hills.

Christine is a member of SAG-AFTRA.

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Work hard, give your all, don’t give up.

Much love,


Headshots by Stephanie Girard

Headshots by Dana Patrick

What I’m up to:


Christine is currently part of the team of actors dubbing the Colombian teen telenovela Chica Vampiro, originally produced by RCN Televison. You can catch it at Gloob, Brazil!

She is also dubbing the Colombian telenovela called LA SELECCIÓN , originally produced by Caracol Televisión (currently recording 2nd season )


Pre-production of THE BORDER. More info about it soon.

Station Mythah - Festival results:

  • Winner - Award of Commendation- at Canada Shorts Film Festival.

  • Winner Best Short Film (Drama) at Changing Face International Film Festival

  • Winner Best Shorts Competition 2017

  • Semi-Finalist FFOCOL 2017

  • Official Selection Bucharest Shortcut Cine Fest

  • Official Selection Hollywood Just4Shorts

  • Official Selection Los Angeles CineFest

  • Official Selection Berlin Independent Film Festival

  • Official Selection Roma Cinema Doc.

What they are saying about me:


“Grandchildren Rob and Barbara (fighting against their monikers Arthird and Beanie), are played by Justin Huff and Ilona Kulinska, both trying to take steps to forward their lives. They both sincerely love their Grandma and place her love far above her fortune. Rob has fallen in love with and proposed to Grandma’s caretaker Inez (the luminous Christine Uhebe) who has accepted. Just as his mother Jean dominates her husband, it is clear that Rob needs a strong woman to look after him and Inez is perfect for him. The Woodley men may be set to inherit the family fortune but they certainly do not know how to succeed on their own.”

—Shari Barrett, from Broadway World Reviews.

“It’s a fine cast at work here under Eisenberg’s skilled hand with Pedersen strong and likable as always. Tepper is a joy to watch as Namoo and Uhebe steals the hour with her realistic, caring portrayal of Inez. Kulinska is delightful as bratty Beanie and Huff most interesting in his spats with Kulinska. Lord rather overplays Jean, but has some fine moments comedically in both acts, especially when Jean is sloshed on pills and liquor. Jeff G. Rack’s set design is terrific. That dried out Christmas tree just longs to be taken down, representing the overall state of decay in the home.”

— Don Grigware.

“Christine Uhebe is Inez and is perfect for the role. There is a lot going on with Inez. She has to fight off the dad, fight off the mother, take care of the grandmother, and please the son, and then keep it all under her hat. That’s a heavy load to carry but Uhebe carries the roll in remarkable style. The scene with the “patches”, done with so much sincerity and naturalism had me on the edge of my seat.”

— Joe Straw, JOE STRAW #9

“Robert and Jean are parents to two young adult children – Arthird and Beanie – sobriquets for the male and female offspring, respectively. These characters are portrayed with appropriate rivalry by Justin Huff and Ilona Kulinska, with each adding a unique combination of energy and complexity to the proceedings. Moreover, there’s Namoo’s caretaker, Inez, dimensionally characterized by Christine Uhebe. She’s torn between her obligations as a caregiver to Namoo and her future as part of the Woodley family configuration. What’s more, Inez is romantically and surreptitiously involved with Arthird.”

— Ben Miles,

Simple Lives

“ Bernadette Armstrong’s original play, “Simple Lives” which she also directed gives us insight into the lives of six people who live in Holdrege, Nebraska.  The ensemble cast of six allowed us to be a fly on the wall into the personal issues that affected the family of three people and also their neighbors. (…) Neighbor, John Knight (Dan Metcalfe) was dealing with his wife’s cancer.  Beth Knight (Christine Uhebe) struggled admirably and managed to pull the audience in. The cast was rounded off by the very caring Nurse Patty (Penelope Korff). (…) For me, the tenderness and heart came from the couple next door, John and Beth Knight.  Their scenes were so real and tender. 

— Audrey Linden.

Reel Nightmare: Book of Witchcraft

“The witches in Reel Nightmare […] were the strongest draw to the film.” 

“no living character here is a match for the witches. The witches had a strong presence”

- Andy L., IMDB (9/10)

“the witches’ backstory […] is the most interesting aspect of the film.”

- Patrick Tomasi, IMDB (9/10)

“The witches were scary but they managed to make them alluring. I wanted to be a witch myself.”

- Brianna Gonzales, IMDB (9/10)


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